Wednesday, April 26, 2006

McNealy step down from Sun CEO

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After 22 years working in Sun Microsystems, Scott McNealy will step down as CEO, announce by Sun Microsystems on Monday (24 April). Sun Microsystems share price go up after the announcement.

Sun Microsystems doing well during dot-com era, but after the dot-com bubble burst, they company shares are all time low. McNealy is reluctant to reduce the engineer staff, which is not prefer by stock analyst, so is not a surprise their share price go up after McNealy step down announcement.

Recently Sun is aggressive goes into x86 server market, and McNealy promise to 'open' Solaris operating system in the future, seems like the goal has to be accomplish by his successor, Jonathan Schwartz.

The announcement shown that Sun had long stopped being a leader on the market, and McNealy has lost the trust from the share holders.

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