Friday, April 07, 2006

Even Amber Chia can't help

Frank (not Frank Sinatra but a friend of mine) want to buy a notebook. He eying on FTEC notebook, because is very cheap, yet it is.

frank sinatra
Frank Sinatra, a famous singer in 50s

Since I remember I read the blog from Paul Ooi, I told him, if he has the budget, try not to. Finally he bought a FTEC notebook.

He just use for less than 2 months, and having some problems. The machine will shutdown automatically, he ask me any possibility cause by virus attack? When he shown his notebook to me, I can't even power on the notebook, so I told him, better send it back to FTEC.

After he send it back to FTEC, confirm is a hardware problem. Even Amber Chia can't help this time.

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