Sunday, September 03, 2006

ACM 2006 coming soon

I attended the ACM (ASEAN Communications Expo & Forum) expo for the pass few years. I prefer this expo than the PC Fair or Microfest every year. PC Fair and Microsfest are for normal consumer, is just like an IT mega sales.

ACM 2006
at KLCC Convention Center

ACM is more focus on telecommunication, company like Maxis, DiGi, TM (Telekom Malaysia) will be there, few years back I saw RedTone and Green Packet. Not so much of pretty show girls around, and I don’t really learn new things all the time there, but is something different.

There is a few mobile and telco related company will be there this year, eg. iWOW, MacroKiosk (they were there last year), Mobile 365.

Normally the expo is at Mines Exhibition Center, but this year they are in Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre (KLCC), you can pre-register through their website.

5th to 7th September (10am to 5.30pm)
8th (10am to 4pm)

Is weekdays, but if you have time, don’t miss it.

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