Tuesday, September 26, 2006

A few good apple products

iPod Shuffle . This 2nd generation iPod shuffle, is smaller and lighter, with 1GB memory. It doesn’t come with USB adaptor interface, you need a dock connector to charge and sync the device.

iPod Shuffle 2
iPod Shuffle, 2nd generation

iPod nano . This 2nd generation iPod nano designed like a iPod mini, but smaller in size. It came with 5 colors, maximum capacity is 8GB version, which is blank in color.

iPod nano 2
iPod nano, 2nd generation

USB power adapter. I never notice there is such a product, it can charge you iPod device (through USB cable) while you are on traveling.

USB power adapter
USB power adapter, charge your iPod

These days many electronic gadgets charge through USB, like Motorola V3 series phones, Palm PDA, is good to have a standard charger for all your electronic portable devices, so you don’t have to bring so many power adapter with you while traveling. Like Nokia mobile phones, all use standard power adapter, it is an important feature.

AirPort express . I am wandering what is this device. It is a wireless hub but not able to dial up to the internet, it built in with AirTunes, allow you to stream iTunes music to audio system through wireless, but I think plug in iPod device directly to the audio system could be easier.

AirPort Express
AirPort Express, wireless base station

This device is small and portable, palm-size, just like a power adapter. You can plug it into an existing network to enable the wireless network capability. You can use it as a wireless router to extend WiFi coverage, but it is not so straight forward especially with WEP encryption on.

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