Sunday, September 03, 2006

Picaseweb experience

Yesterday night, my friend show me some photos uploaded to Google Picasaweb. Picasa website is available to the public testing for quite some time, but this the first time I browse through the photo site.

When Google acquire Picasa photo management software, I am wandering, how could Google miss out flickr, and let Yahoo grep it. I know Google always like to use their own technology, and I believe Google apply similar technology in Google Earth to Picasaweb.

Many online photo site allow user to upload and display the original digital photo which as large as 1600x1200 pixels. Is nothing wrong to upload a high resolution photo, but display a high resolution photo (around 1M) on the web page, that will be wrong. User will click the close button before the photo is loaded completely.

High resolution photos are for hard copy print out. For a web page display, photo need to be resized in both resolution and capacity. Don’t hope the broadband network will solve the problem, because bandwidth is always limited. Most screen display are set to 1024x768 or even smaller in size, photo resolution which is higher than this will be resize for a better display, so is just wasted.

Browse through Google Picasaweb is a different experience from flickr, even it is not so much fun as flickr, but Picasaweb is fast. Other than a wider bandwidth and higher server load capacity, there are software technology behind the scene. The Picasaweb first deliver a ‘blur’ image, which is smaller size (so it loaded and display faster), and load the other detail of the image at the background, just like what Google Earth is doing.

Ofoto, the very first online photo album that I know, acquire by Kodak in June 2001.
Sony ImageStation, official online photo sharing website.
Yahoo photo, Yahoo is a portal, they almost have everything.
flickr, now you know why Yahoo want to acquire another online photo album.

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