Thursday, September 10, 2009

Apple 9 September Rock and Roll event

It's Only Rock and Roll

rock and roll

Apple has caught media attention in their every new announcement and event. Before this 'rock and roll' event started, I have google few hundreds of news. Just 2 hours before the event started, price cut (about 50 to 100) for iPod Touch, iPod nano and iPod Classic on Apple website, user tweet on it every minutes.

After the event, I found another few hundreds more news on Google talking about this Apple event.

What do you have in this Apple event?

Steve Jobs is back on the stage. After 6 months "leave of absence", Steve Jobs make his first public appearance. Welcome back Jobs, but no one will be there forever. Reuters reported an analyst pointed out that Jobs looks "frail".

You can check out some photos from here.

New features in iTunes. iTunes Genius is getting smarter, new features were introduced like Genius DJ, iTunes LP and live demo by Jeff Robin, VP of iTunes engineering. I heard that there are 9 new features on iTunes 9.

iPod. Slash price in a few iPod series, you can check out the latest price from Apple website. iPod shuffles come with more colors. iPod nano will have a video camera, but not the iPod Touch. This 5th generation of iPod nano will have a FM tuner and pedometer.

A remaster version of Beatles catalog was release on 9 September, but Beatles catalog is still not on iTunes yet.

There are people commented that, audience are disappointed for the pass few events, like Snow Leopard has "0" new features. I can not disagree that, we have been expected too much from Apple, and we should, so that Apple will keep innovating.

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