Wednesday, September 23, 2009

IT Planet at Ikano

I came back to the IT Planet at Ikano to check for Apple products, because I meet a responsible sales people there before, he is very helpful . I can not remember the sales people name and I didn't see him around this time. The sales people that I meet today, was not able to answer my questions properly, he need to check with other sales people every time I ask a question like price of ram upgrade and etc.

I am ok with it, because he looks like new. There is no other customer other than myself, there are 4 or 5 other sales people there, 1 of them busy doing stock check and others do nothing. None of them entertain me, other than this new sales guy, and checking the answer for me. May be they didn't notice there is a customer here. I left the shop after 10 minutes time.

Last week, I attended a sales talk seminar. The speaker quote a car sales representative, "Any customer walk into the show room, is a potential customer who may spend up to USD300K here.". The sales representative knows that if he/she serve the customer well, the customer will came back again, when the customer change car next time.

The IT planet is not just selling Apple products but other brand IT products as well. I have bought 2 products there before, that's why I go back to the same shop. Seems like I will not go back there again for a long long time.

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