Tuesday, September 22, 2009

New DiGi Prepaid plan 2009

The new DiGi Prepaid plan sounds like a better plan than my post paid now. First is the 1 cent per SMS (digi network), once you use up RM1, it only cost you 1 cent per SMS for the rest of the day, but only to DiGi network, and talk time rate will be 12 cent per minutes (30s block) to all network. The rate is even cheaper than postpaid DG30 (20 cents per minutes), how could this happen?

New data access maximum is RM5 per day unlimited usage. This is even better for me, I was using PAYU (pay as you use) data plan which maximum cap at RM138 per month. As for my usage, I normally use up all the RM138 in one day time (then the rest of the month will be free). Since I am not using the data plan everyday, with the new data plan, I may save 30 percent of my cost.

The good thing about DiGi is they always has a flexible plan compare with other local telco companies. Too bad that I have already started to use my DiGi broadband.

If you are already a prepaid user, you may need to switch to the new DiGi prepaid, you can read the FAQ.

Note: Once you have switched to new DiGi prepaid, you can never switch back. If you are enjoying some special rate or features with your existing, plan, please think twice before you switch.

6. I am an existing subscriber under the Beyond/ Chat Plus plan. How do I switch to the new DiGi PrepaidTM
You can migrate from an older plan to the new DiGi PrepaidTM call plan via our self help channels (UMB, OCS, IVR). Please note you'll be charged a onetime fee of RM3.

To change call plan via *128#: Step 1: Type *128*7*2# and send
Step 2: Select 1 for DiGi PrepaidTM
Step 3: Select 1 to confirm and a one-off fee will be charged from main account

To change call plan via OCS: Step 1: Go to change call plan page
Step 2: Select DiGi PrepaidTM
Step 3: Upon confirmation, a one-off fee will be charged from main account

To change call plan via IVR: Dial 016 2211800 and follow the instructions

This new DiGi Prepaid launch on 15 July 2009.


neobie said...
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neobie said...

Hello, i am currently digi prepaid beyond user, I need comparisons on "Beyond" and "New Prepaid Plan"

fuyichin said...

I do not the the details of both plan. Check if you still need special features eg. Talktime Transfer, it will not available after you switch to new prepaid plan.

The 12 cents per minute after RM1 call, to all network. Is one of the cheapest if it is not the cheapest.

neobie said...

oic, no more talk time transfer?
Any other features?

For beyond, there is no RM5 data cap and super low rate after RM1 right?

I have been thinking RM5 capped is automated when I saw the promotion..

fuyichin said...

At that time I write this post, the RM5 cap is not available for Beyond package.

If you look at the RM5 data now, is available to prepaid, postpaid automatically, so not sure it will be available to Beyond now.

There is something even cheaper 15 for 7 days plan need to subscribe by call *116#. It will be auto renew until you stop the service.

But I have not tried the package yet.