Wednesday, September 09, 2009

IBM Virtualization seminar

I just came back from IBM Virtualization seminar on 8 September.

IBM introduce their virtual machine and storage technologies. In simple words, is cloud computing.

These days, everyone talks about cloud computing. IBM claim that they have 40 years of experience in cloud computing, you can ignored that. Why we heard of cloud computing from Google, Amazon... and not IBM? It is just marketing talk, and cloud computing is marketing talk. Just show us what you have now, 40 years old technologies is much different from now.

Why cloud computing? Hardware is more powerful, with cheaper price, but cost doesn't go down, because administration cost shoot up. You need PowerVM (virtualization for AIX) and SVC (SAN Volume Controller).

The PowerVM is like a VMware. If you doesn't know what is a VMware, I will say PowerVM is a virtual machine, which share out the resources of a server to act like a few server virtually. IBM SVC can consolidate different type of storage system like SUN, EMC, NetApp, IBM XIV (sure) and others (list is here). SVC target for mid-sized business. IBM show us with a few live demo as well.

I am not going to comment much on their technologies, you can take a look at XIV Storage System, PowerVM and SVC.

It is a half day event, they provide good food and some freebies too.

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