Thursday, July 15, 2010

Apple call press conference on Friday

Apple going to have a press conference this Friday, most likely will be related to the iPhone 4 antenna and signal issue.

Some people suggested that Apple should recall iPhone 4, some said shouldn't. I think they should have an option for disappointed customers, with terms and conditions. I think most people will not return their iPhone 4, even given the choice.

iPhone 4 has sold out 1.7 millions in first 3 days. I don't care about the exact figures and how it was calculated. The message here is Apple sold out a lot of its new iPhone 4.

I agree the idea that iPhone is more for fun. The person who saying it actually means, iPhone is more for surfing Internet, playing games, to show off, or any other purposes. I doesn't mean iPhone can not be used for business.

For customer facing iPhone 4 antenna issues, Apple should gave the customer a solution, or return it back and get other phones. For me all other phones have issues here and there.

I don't own any iPhone and I have no plan to get an iPhone 4 yet. If I have an iPhone, I will not regret of owning it. Just my personal opinion.

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