Saturday, July 17, 2010

Apple iPhone 4 Friday Press Conference

Yes, is about iPhone antennagate. Apple has a press conference about the iPhone 4 antenna issue. Seems like the complains on the Internet has put a lot of pressure on Apple and Steve Jobs.

Steve Jobs spend some time to explain, the iPhone 4 antenna is not a specific or unique smartphone issue, it only affected a very small number of users, BUT Apple cares about everyone of their customers, so they look into the problems and provide some solutions.

I am more interested on what Apple offer for the iPhone 4 antenna issue:

free bumper
Apple gives free bumper for iPhone 4.

1. iOS 4.0.1. New OS patched, fix the signal bar display algorithm. Current signal bar display method may not shown the actual signal strength.

2. Free bumper case. A free bumper case to be given out to every iPhone 4 customer (wow!). Refund for those who already bought a bumper.

3. Refund. If customers are still not happy with it, they can ask for refund.

This is a good PR, Apple has shown their great concern on their users and customers.

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