Saturday, July 24, 2010

HP mini 210 Vivienne Tam Edition

My friend want to get a notebook, asking for my opinion. I take this chance to look at the notebook available now, especially the HP mini series.

I heard from the Internet, some people give good comment to HP mini 311, but seems like 311 is no more available in Malaysia here, the distributor only selling HP mini 210.

HP mini 210
HP mini 210 Vivienne Tam edition.

There is a special HP mini 210 Vivienne Tam edition catch my eyes. HP did came out with a Vivienne Tam edition after they release the HP mini 1000 series, it is a bright red color netbook. I suppose this 210 VT edition is the second netbook that Vivienne Tam design (just the front cover pattern) for HP.

Vivienne Tam is a famous Chinese fashion designer at New York. She has her own brand, Vivienne Tam.

The 210 VT edition is just RM200 higher than the normal edition. HP mini 210 selling at RM1399 and 210 VT edition selling at RM1599. The VT edition came with 2Gb memory (expandable to 4G according to the HP sales person, I have not confirmed that), 320Gb hard disk (normal edition is 250Gb). Just for RM200 you get a better spec and Vivienne Tam design.

I heard that HP want to become like Apple, more sexy. I am not into fashion, but this Vivienne Tam netbook looks cool. Too bad is still Windows when you switch it on, not so cool now.

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