Thursday, July 08, 2010

Digi cut iPhone package price

Digi has just lower down their iPhone package price, as low as RM60 per month. Digi claimed they are the most affordable iPhone package, you can check the information here.

Digi iPhone
New Digi iPhone package, as low as 60 per month.

If you compare Digi iPhone 138 (which cost RM90 now) with Maxis iPhone iValue 1 (RM100), Digi plan looks much cheaper and more attractive. Maxis iPhone iValue came with 333 minutes free call, 100 SMS (Maxis to Maxis), 500Mb data. Digi iPhone 138 offer 450 minutes, 400 sms and 3G data.

If you are not heavy user, you can choose Digi iPhone 88 for RM60 only. Digi has unlimited access to Internet, just drop to a lower bandwidth when data access quota reached, so you will never exceed your budget. Maxis has a choice of 12 or 24 months. Digi only came with 24 months plan, which I think is too long, because there is an new iPhone release every year. I believe Maxis will adjust their iPhone package sooner or later.

If you ask me which package for me now? May be I will choose Digi iPhone 138, it cost 90 per month, and choose the iPhone 3G 8G for RM290. Since iPhone 4 is not available locally now, I just trade some functionality for pice, I just need to surf Internet and install a few applications. I will install the latest iOS 4, it might be slower a bit, but hp it will last for a year or two.

There are different package for different need. There must be a package which suits you, be it Digi or Maxis. Two years contract is really a bit too long for me.

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冠毅 said...

Will consider Digi iPhone 88 if my phone rosak. But still can use now.. lol