Thursday, October 21, 2010

Apple Back to the Mac and new MacBook Air

What Apple announced for Back to the Mac media event?

State of the Mac presented by Tim Cook. Apple product is number 1 in customer satisfaction report.

My comment: Other than price issue, majority of the Apple product users will satisfied with Apple product quality and service.

iLife 11 presented by Phil Schiller. Apple release new iLife software. iLife is a productivity suite which include iPhoto, iMovie, and music application Garage Band.

iPhoto added in location service and functionality, beter integration with community website, new slide show improvement.

iMovie improve audio editing.

FaceTime coming to Mac OS X, beta version is available for download.

A sneak peak at next Mac OS X, code name Lion. Apple integrated some iOS functions into Mac OS X, like multi-touch gesturse, App Store, iOS home interface and etc.

One more thing...

The new MacBook Air. Steve Jobs let some other executives to do the presentation and demo but leave the new MacBook Air introduction to himself. MacBook Air is slim (or slimmer?) as before, it is instant on (like iPad, iPhone) and has standby time for 30 days. It came with 13-inch and 11-inch model, and is cheaper now.

The first MacBook Air was price at USD 2000 (and above), now the cheapest MacBook Air start from USD 999.


Even there are rumors around, I am surprise that Apple came out with a 11-inch (11.6 inch) notebook with much cheaper price. I never expect Apple will release a notebook smaller than 13-inch. Apple will never sacrifice hardware performance, they normally use top range of the hardware specification including a bigger display.

As you know, faster CPU will consume more power and battery. Seems like the battery technology can not catch up with the CPU technology. Apple squeeze the electronic board, free up more spaces to fit in 4 piece of batteries (for the 13" model). Even with 4 batteries, 2.9 pounds (1.32kg) is lightweight for most people.

The new MacBook Air came with instant on technology, means you don't need to shutdown the system nor wait for the device to boot from startup. I don't really need instant on for notebook, but many of my friends do. They put their notebook into sleep or hibernate, when they are not using it, because wake up from sleep is faster than cool boot from startup.

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