Tuesday, October 12, 2010

YTL Communication 4G Global Developer Challenge

YTL Communication is looking for innovation on 4G network, you can check the detail from the website here, you could be awarded with part of the USD 1 million prices.

You can check the YTLC CEO Wing K. Lee on the youtube announcement. They did make use of the latest communication channel for promotion.

YTL Communication is a subsidiary of YTL Group. It is one of the four WiMax providers in Malaysia, which suppose to provide WiMax services, but seems like they just going to start now.

They always want an innovative idea in Malaysia here, I doubted that most people will buy an innovative ideas here. If they have 1 million USD to spend, you can try your luck to submit your ideas and try your luck.

I don't think Malaysian is lack of ideas in IT sectors, we need a matured environment for IT development, including entrepreneur, developers, financial and government support.

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