Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Samsung and Sony Ericsson to phase out Symbian

Both Samsung and Sony Ericsson to phase out Symbian. No surprise. Symbian was acquire by Nokia, if Symbian can not compete with iPhone (and iOS), then they should move to other mobile OS like Google Andriod or Windows Phone 7.

Is either these companies who are using Symbian, did not improve the OS and compete with iPhone, or they have just given up, focus on other mobile OS which is available, like Andriod or Linux base mobile OS.

They should have announced it long ago, especially for Sony Ericsson. They should announced it when Android is available or may be should announced it much earlier, before release M600i.

The Symbian OS development was disappointing. If you compare it with iOS and Android. SE M600i push it one step further, why? M600i use UIQ 3.0, is a touch screen interface build on top of Symbian, but UIQ 3.0 is not compatible with UIQ 2.0, the software support is poor, even few years after its first released.

Without good standardization, poor application support and difficult to upgrade, a smartphone is not so smart as it should be. With the largest Symbian supporter Nokia drop Symbian, follow by Samsung and Sony Erricson, how far can Symbian go?

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