Saturday, November 06, 2010

Complain on Sony Products

Recently Sony announced end the product line for the cassette Walkman product. Sony Walkman is a remarkable and fashion portable music players back in 1980s.

Today Sony facing fierce competition with other electronic from other companies especially from Apple, the iPod mp3 players and iPhone smartphone. Sony did not pay much attention with their customer and products.

Compare current Sony product with 20 years ago, Sony like moving backwards. Here are some proof.

4 years old Sony Ericsson data cable, rubber peel off.

Take closer look.

Some may says that this is an occasional case. 4 years old cable, what do you expect?

The next picture is a 2 years old Sony bluetooth charger power cable.

The same old problem. Rubber peel off.

They use poor quality rubber. It could be a small matter for Sony, but their competitors are paying attention at every single detail at their product.

I still keep a 20 years old Sony earphone which came with the Walkman. The cable are still in good condition.

This is not the Sony that I know 20 years ago.

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冠毅 said...

Same situation for me fren Sony ericsson mobile cable