Friday, November 12, 2010

New Maxis hotlink prepaid 2010

My friend just a new prepaid from Maxis Hotlink. The number started with 010, because the existing numbers are insufficient for mobile subscribers, the government release the reserved 010 prefix for mobile operators and broadband providers.

The new hotlink package was selling for RM8.80, pre-loaded with RM2 airtime. The lifetime validity catch my attention. This lifetime validity is misleading, because you need to top up a minimum of RM5 every 3 months.

Make it RM20 for a year, if you are not using the pre-paid, but still want to keep the numbers. Cheaper than the Hotlink 365, wich cost RM33 for a year validation.

I have checked the FAQ, it says:

Just top-up or purchase Hot Ticket of minimum RM5 every 3 months to enjoy...

I have checked with the Maxis Hotlink reseller, they say top-up but not mention Hot Ticket. I can not confirmed it must be a Hot Ticket or included normal top-up as well.

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