Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Microsoft Silverlight and html5 dual platform

Read a post on Cnet, Microsoft in favor of HTML 5 over Silverlight.

Silverlight is a rich application over Internet developed by Microsoft as a replacement or alternative of Adobe Flash.

Do you think Microsoft will in favor of its Silverlight platform or HTML5? As being the Microsoft I know, they will prefer Silverlight. Silverlight was first appear at year 2007, but Adobe Flash has been available on the market and accepted by other vendors and developers.

Some web service providers started to use HTML5 function to replace the Flash, for example youtube. You can enable the HTML5 in youtube by "Join the HTML5 Beta".

Since HTML5 is an open standard, it provide a new opportunity for Microsoft to enable web browser with rich Internet application. Microsoft will prefer Silverlight if they can, but the Internet development trend has left them no choice but go for HTML5.

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