Tuesday, November 30, 2010

YTL Communications 700Mhz spectrum woe

Read a news over the weekend, saying that YTL Communications was awarded with the 700Mhz spectrum. Other telco operators in Malaysia are not happy with the government decision and made some complains. This early news was refer back to the source from Singapore's The Straits Times.

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YTL claims that the 700Mhz spectrum will be used for digital broadcast only, a service which will be launched together with YTL latest WiMax service. Other telco worried that YTL may use the spectrum for broadband services.

The MCMC denial that YTL was assigned with the spectrum. MCMC also denial that the 700Mhz will be used for 4G.

What is this 700Mhz radio frequency spectrum?

The 700Mhz radio frequency is a Ultra High Frequency (UHF). If you have tuned a TV channel before, you should notice UHF. The spectrum was used by TV but now has obsolete as the switch to digital TV. The 700Mhz spectrum can be used for wireless internet technology especially the coming up 4G technology. (refer to Wikipedia for detail explanation)

Radio frequency spectrum is national resources like land. It belongs to the country, it should be allocated for the best benefit of public interest. US government has placed the 700Mhz spectrum for auction. Other than telecommunication companies, Internet giant Google is interested to place the bid as well.

The lower 700 MHz Club. (Perspective).(spectrum auctions for rural telecommunications firms)(Brief Article): An article from: Rural Telecommunications

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