Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Bart Decrem

Bart is very active in open source world, he co-found Eazel in 1999 (together with some former apple employee like Andy), working on Nautilus File Manager, Miguel de Icaza was one of the board of directors, they work closely with the gnome community. Unforturnately Eazel was unable to secure additional financing and shut down in year 2001.

Bart Decrem

Bart has a korean wife, and he want to lean Korean Language. He move to Korean and work in Linux One (Korean company) and Hancom, after Eazel was shut down. Hancom is popular for it hancom office suite on Linux operating system, including a mobile version on Zaurus PDA.

He is the founder of Flock and leading the development of Flock browser.

You can find Bart's biography here.

An interview with Bart on his working in Hancom.


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