Monday, October 24, 2005

WINE is 12 years old

I always do not believe simulator or emulator will work well, especially those standard set by Microsoft, that's the reason I don't think WINE and Mono will work well.

WINE has been developped for more than 10 years, expected to be beta soon (what! just beta!?). Yes! The software is alpha now, there is a news from NewsForge.

Software take time to be matured, 10 years is not that long for a matured product, hope WINE progress well in the future, then we have more choices.

Opensource project with commercial support develop much better than those without commercial support. Crossover office (from codewevers) build from WINE, work better than WINE, when running application like Microsoft Office and Internet Explorer.

WINE, WINE Is Not Emulator (It is a Windows emulator)

Link:-, Wine to Reach A Major Milestone

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