Monday, October 17, 2005

Two New Palm Device

palmI didn't notice that Palm came out with 2 new product-- Palm TX and Z22.

Palm TX. Finally palm have a PDA with build in Wifi, Tungsten C and LifeDrive support Wifi but is not really a PDA for me. Palm always don't have a Wifi because they claim that wifi will drain the battery. You can install a SD IO Wifi on some of the Palm product. Many user prefer SanDisk Wifi card than the original Palm Wifi card, because the SanDisk card has an integrated card with flash memory(256Mb?), and is cheaper but many people have problem with the driver. Can you imagine the Wifi card from Palm is selling at USD129! The new Palm TX with high resolution display, Wifi, bluetooth, fast CPU, selling at USD 299, what else you can complain with it?

Z22. I though Zire 31 will be a good device to replace my Palm Vx, but seems like Z22 is even better, selling at USD99 only, with 20MB memory, less that 100g, just my ideal weight for PDA.

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