Monday, October 24, 2005

Wa! Online radio

waonlineWa!FM, the chinese radio channel stop broadcasting on 15th October mid-night (exact time should be 16th October 1.00am), it will temparary stop for one year for re-organize, but is not sure it will be back on air again. Many audience try to save Wa!FM, they even sign petition online, but still still can't save the radion station.

I told my friend, they should try internet broadcasting or even Podcast. My friend told me, is not easy, and I agree, but I was wrong. In about one week time after Wa!FM stop broadcasting, they setup a website and start broadcasting through internet, 24 hours non-stop, but is repeating program every 8 hours.

The streamming through microsoft format. Why don't they provide more option like in realplayer format or Ogg Vorbis (an opensource audio/video format). Podcast is a good choice as well.

"Life found their way!" and Wa! Online found their own ways too!

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