Thursday, October 13, 2005

iPod video

appleIs a long time I didn't blog. As all the rumors on the street says, iPod play videos. At the beginning of October, Apple send an invitation letter to the media, for a special event on 12 October, call "One more thing...". This is a usual phrase Steve Jobs like to use for introducing Apple new product. Expected to be an iPod video and yes, it is a iPod video. If I am not mistaken, this is the 4th time, Steve Jobs review new apple product, after MacWorld, Worldwide Developers Conference, special event for iPod nano, and now iPod video. I have not watch the video this time (is here), but I watch the pass three events, Steve Jobs speak on the stage, no doubt, he is good. No, I should say, "This is fantastic! Amazing.". Just like what Steve used to describ Apple's new product. Is important to have new product every year, especially for technology company. Apple is doing a good job this year.

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