Sunday, August 14, 2005

my trial on podcast

podcastFew days back (12 Aug), can't get into sleep, so I weak up early in the morning (5am) and try out the podcast. I try to make my own recording on my ibook, and found these 2 software: 1. soundflower this is an open source software, help you to direct you audio from 1 application to another. It will create another 2 channel in your system sound config, you need to reboot to get it work after installed. 2. audio recorder I can't record using the soundflower, so I get this software, it work fine, if you need to record into mp3, you need to install the LAME.framework. I didn't publish my podcast, but I register with the odeo, which have a lot of podcast available. PS. Miss Adventures in Taiwan If you go to the iTunes podcast, you will find this in International, Chinese. Quite interesting. Finally I found the blog. blogspot podcast

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