Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Google Earth 4.0 beta

google earth application Finally I install the Google Earth after it has been release for sometime. Google Earth is a software allow you to view satallite photo on the earth. For some major city (eg. New York, London), buildings and even cars on the street can be seen quite clearly, but such detail photos only available for major city, not any part of the world.

mountain view
Mountain View, California
A lot of software and internet company located around here

The software is easy to use, to zoom in just click your left mouse button, click for a few times (I think should be a triple click and hold it), to zoom out just use the right mouse button. I found where I stay and my office building, the photo are quite clear.

Who need Google Earth? Some people just use it for fun, but I think is useful for some property developers, they don't need a helicopter to get a clear picture.

You can download the software from Google website, is available for Windows XP, Mac OS X (10.3.9 and above) and Linux platform. I have tried the Windows and OS X version, OS X version will crash sometimes when I zoom in to the map.

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