Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Unbearable yahoo mail attachment

I received a lot of funny pictures through my yahoo mail, I enjoy viewing the pictures (or photos), but open up attachment in yahoo mail is almost like a nightmare for me now, is so frustrating.
yahoo new
current yahoo mail

You could hardly see a clear picture with the thumbnail. To view the full picture:

1. Click on 'View'. Yahoo will scan the virus
2. Click 'Download Attachment' button. (strange, can't view it through the browser directly)
3. Select 'View with an application' or 'Download to local hard disk'.
4. Click 'Back to message'.

Imagine if I have 10 photo attachments in an email, I have to complete the 40 steps. Compare with Gmail, I just need one or two clicks.

Do you think yahoo mail (v2.0) beta is much better?
yahoo mail beta
yahoo mail beta

I am like viewing one fifth of the display, even after I maximize the windows, disable all toolbars and status bar, I still can not get a full pictures.

One day I may switch to Gmail for this reason.

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