Monday, June 19, 2006

Malaysia open 2006 (not internet ready)

No live match on the internet?

Lee Chong Wei
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Yesterday in Malaysia Open (Badminton) 2006, Malaysian player Lee Chong Wei beat China top player Lin Dan in the final match. I watch part of the match on Television, asking my friend, is there any website like for badminton live match? My friend do not have an answer for it, ask me to search around on the internet.

I google it for a while, and don't find anything, may be live match for badminton game is just not common. Badminton have many world class tournaments like All England, World Championships, Thomas/Uber Cup, Japan Open, Hong Kong Open, Singapore Open (old Konica Cup, now Aviva) etc. Next tournament is Chinese Taipei Open, which will be started on 20th June.

IBF (International Badminton Federation) change the game rules to 21-point match (like table tennis), to have a better control of the game timing, this will help the timing control when live on television. They have put in effort to improve the sport, but seems like they have to work harder. Each tournament should provide a live match feed.

Malaysian Open shown as a golf tournament in wikipedia. Looking for "Malaysia Open" in Google Calender found nothing, may be they need a unique name.

Malaysia Open 2006 4 star. What! 4 star?
Chinese Taipei Open
International badminton

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