Monday, June 16, 2014

A Day Out With Lowepro CompuDay Photo 250

This is just a simple review of the Lowepro CompuDay Photo 250 camera bag. This is not a new model, just happen that I got one to try out, I write a short review of it. I am not sure when Lowepro release this model, could be as early as year 2011.

I have used Lowepro Fastpack 200 before, but I should get the Fastpack 250, because Fastpack 250 is a notebook and camera bag. The Fastpack 200 just like Fastpack 250, but without the notebook compartment.

I like the Fastpack design, I can easily take out the camera from the side of the bag. If you think it is insecure, you may look for those camera backpack open from the back and not from the side.

I am looking for a bag for camera and notebook, I am eyeing on Lowepro fastpack 150, it is smaller but cheaper than fastpack 250. I happen to found another Lowepro bag which fit my needs, the CompuDay Photo 250.

By looking at the model name, you know this is a camera + computer bag, is used for a day out. After I have tried the bag, it is just nice for a day of casual traveling around the city. Before this, I was using a sling camera bag and another backpack for a sweater and a bottle of water.

Sling bag is not good for me. I pack everything in to this CompuDay Photo 250. After a day out, I am quite comfortable with it. This is what I packed into the bag, mainly a camera, a sweater, a 500ml water plus a few other gadget and accessories.

You can pack with plenty of things

The camera is placed at the side of the bag. Can fit in a full frame dSLR and a medium size lens (according to the sales). I am using it with a Nikon D90, it fit in tight with plenty of space for a larger lens.

The notebook compartment, I put in an iPad. It can fit in the 13-inch MacBook Air, or a 15-inch notebook.
Notebook compartment

More compartment

Rear view

Fit into the handle of the luggage. Not perfect, but it fits.

This is ideal for:
A casual day out. I will carry my dSLR more often with this bag.

This is not for:
If you are carrying extra lens, extra battery, battery charger. It still can fit in, but you may consider Fastpack 150 or Fastpack 250.

Lowepro website has a bag finder, help you to choose the right camera bag for you. I can find Fastpack 150AW, but unable to find this CompuDay Photo 250.

Note. This bag doesn't came with rain coat cover.

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