Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Apple WWDC Keynote 2014 Summary

This is just a dummy guide for WWDC14 keynote.

WWDC 2014 keynote is about preview of Mac OS X 10.10 and iOS 8.

Mac OS X 10.10

It will be name as Yosemite (Yoo-se-mee-tee). It will be available for free (the previous version Mavericks is free too).

What's new?
- Change the graphic user interface, more iOS look and feel. Integrate better with iOS too. Changes includes notification centre, spotlight move the the centre of the screen and more.
- iCloud works more like Dropbox, can sync as a folder on OS X.
- Safari browser with better performance in speed.
- Desktop can pick up phone call to your phone. (More than just picking up phone calls).

iOS 8

- QuickType with improved auto correct and prediction typing.
- iOS get into enterprise market.
- Share account with family members. Will asked for permission when purchase using the same credit card account. (A simple but good implementation)
- Improvement and localisation for China market.
- HealthKit for health application, HomeKit for smart home application.
- A new programming language, Swift. Swift can use existing Objective-C/C runtime.

Every time Apple introduced new software platform, there is a long list of improvement and added features. New iOS will be expected as new iPhone will came out every year. I don't expect Apple refresh the desktop OS (Mac OS X) so soon. The improvement on software like Safari browser and performance will be welcome.

Full keynote is available on Apple website, or you can take a look at WWDC 2014 keynote in 10 minutes.

Another good summary from The Verge YouTube channel.

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