Thursday, June 12, 2014

University of Malaya to stop issue hardcopy certificate?

Just read a news reported that University of Malaya (Malaya Universiti) has implemented the e-Scrolls digital certificates, will stop issued the official hardcopy of the certificate for the graduates. The students can apply the official certificate by paying certain amount of processing fees.

I always support using the information technology to simplified our work, but the university should always produce an official copy for the students. Is not the time for 100% using electronic documents yet. The processing fees for getting a official certificate should be reasonable.

Is good that the owner can printed out their own certificate. Most students will like to keep a copy of the official certificate. Most companies and university will not accept the electronic certificate, it troublesome for the graduates to apply job or further studies.

If you win the FIFA World Cup, you will like to keep the trophy and not just the photo of the trophy, right? I really hope they are not going to implement this that soon, think twice or more than twice.

Oriental Daily.  马大以电子文凭取代纸本文凭 一纸文凭50令吉
Sinchew. 馬大7月起發電子文憑‧索紙本文憑須付費50

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