Saturday, June 14, 2014

Beatbox S10 Review

Beatbox S10

You should heard about Beats Electronics as Apple to acquire Beats for USD3 billion.

I only found out recently that I have a Beats product, a portable speaker model Beatbox S10.

This is a portable, battery powered, bluetooth personal speaker. Very similar with the X-mini speaker, but the Beatbox is much cheaper. Amazon selling at less than USD20.

Packaging.It came with a small box, contain the speaker and charging cable. Very simple packaging.

Bluetooth.Bluetooth connection is easy, but I experience some difficulties to reconnect to the speaker, after disconnect.

Standalone player.It use microSD as memory storage. Since the speaker use the same button to control the volume and skip songs, I have some difficulties to adjust the sound volume. Press and hold control the volume, press and release to skip songs.

Battery life.After used for some time, I find the battery quality is not so good as company with X-mini. I am referring the quality as play back time and durability. The battery is not replaceable.

Sound quality.Sounds good, but I am not sensitive, so not much comment.

Usability.It is heavier than X-mini speaker, but very portable.

Average comment. With the price USD20, is a good buy, but don't expect it to last very long.

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