Wednesday, June 18, 2014

The Codebreaker Alan Turing

Alan Turing

Jun 7 2014 marks the 60th anniversary of Alan Turing's death.

All computer science students should know Alan Turing, he is generally known as the father of computer science. Alan Turing is a mathematician and computer scientist. The Turing machine created by Alan Turing for computing is the very first prototype of today's computer.

Alan Turing is a genius and a very smart mathematician, he helps the British and Alliance to decode the encrypted code from Germany during world war II. Winston Churchill said Turing make the single biggest contribution to Allied victory in WWII against Nazi Germany.

Alan Turing was prosecuted for homosexual activities in 1952, the British old society forbidden for such activities. He accepted the chemical injection (chemical castration) as alternative to prison.

Alan Turing died at 41 years old (year 1954), from cyanide poisoning. The incident was determined as suicide case, but his mother believed it was accidental. At year 2013, the British Queen granted a royal pardon to the code breaker hero who has contributed during world war II. Late is still better than none.

Queen pardons wartime code breaking hero Alan Turing
Why Alan Turing is the father of Computer Science

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