Friday, December 10, 2010

After The Social Network movie

In the movie "The Social Network", which of the following is not true about Facebook and Mark Zukerberg.

  • Erica Albringt is Mark Zukerberg's ex-girlfriend, or they have dated at least once. 
  • Mark Zukerberg co-founded Facebook with Eduardo Saverin. 
  • The idea of Facebook partly came from facemash and harvardconnect. 
  • After Mark Zukerberg agree to join harvardconnect as a developer, he started Facebook rather working on harvardconnect
  • Mark Zukerberg did not use any code from harvardconnect in Facebook. 
  • Mark Zukerberg has go through harvardconnect source code and feel that the coding is lame. 
  • Napster founder Sean Parker has consulted Facebook for a period of time, he was given 7 percent share of Facebook. 
  • Eduardo Saverin share in Facebook was once diluted from 30 percent to 0.03 percent. While Mark Zukerberg and Sean Parker share with Facebook remain unchanged. 

"You are not an asshole, you just trying so hard to be", Marylin Delpy say it to Mark.

If you want to read more about Mark Zukerberg and Facebook:

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