Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Gowalla new iPhone application 2010

Gowalla just updated their iPhone application.

Gowalla is a location base community services like Foursquare. They made the location base service into a community game. Take a look at the zdnet post on the website gamification, Badges? We don't need no stinkin' badges.

Gowalla is not that popular as Foursquare, but I always feel that Gowalla has a better look and feel user interface, be it the website, mobile site or iPhone version.

Gowalla is similar with Foursquare but differentiated by a few functionality, for example Gowalla has photo upload, but Foursquare does not. There are a few important functions in Foursquare but missing from Gowalla, and now it was updated with the new Gowalla iPhone application.

Flag venue. Is normal that a hot-spot was created with some mistake, for example a duplicate venue. Foursquare allows users to flag a duplicate venue. Other than duplication, users can flag for wrong venue information like name and address. Now Gowalla has a flag function for duplicate venue too.

Photo from library. Gowalla allows photos upload. On iPod Touch (before iPod Touch 4th generation), photos are selected from the photo gallery, since iPod Touch prior 4th generation doesn't came with camera. On iPhone, you can only upload photos by taking a new photos, upload from photo gallery is not allow with the earlier version of Gowalla. The new Gowalla application allows to upload from the photo gallery or new photos taken from the camera.

I just name the 2 small changes in Gowalla application, but A big improvement for Gowalla, and I expect Gowalla will continue to improve. Gowalla vs Foursquare is not to an end yet.

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