Monday, December 20, 2010

Meebo problem at end of year 2010

I am a meebo fan. Meebo is a web IM service which allow you to connect to other IM services eg. MSN, Yahoo!, Facebook through a centralize web service. I am using meebo since year 2006 (or may be much earlier).

They have done a good job, especially on the software development part. The service is quite stable, the interface is nice and easy to use. The always have development like meebo badge, to embed chat box within web page. They even roll out mobile web version (for iPhone) and iPhone app at the very early stage.

For the pass few days, I was having connection problem quite often, especially when I try to connect from the mobile to the service, using a limited mobile broadband connection.

May be meebo didn't notice that there are people connect to the Internet through limited bandwidth, and didn't optimize the service for that. Or may be there are too many users using meebo service and the system can not handle that.

When my friend suggest me to use pingchat to replace the meebo service, since is more reliable. I know I am not the only one who are having problems with meebo.

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