Sunday, December 19, 2010

Digi prepaid super long life 365

I am tired of toping up my Digi prepaid phone every 90 (or 120) days, even I am not using it.

Digi once offer to top up RM100 and validate for a year time, but now no more.

There is a super long life 365 which will validate your Digi prepaid numbers for 365 days (which is 1 year), but you have to spend RM30 from your prepaid balance. The RM30 is the subscription fees, it will not convert to talk time.

The short cut will be:
*128*4*3*1*1# call

If you are not comfortable with the short cut, you use *128# call. Follow the instruction and select super long life.

It will validate your prepaid for a year time, less worried to top up every 3 months time.

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