Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Google Chrome OS to be ready anytime soon

About 5 years ago, Sun Microsystems CEO Scott McNealy and Oracle's Larry Ellison was on the stage together. Ellison comment on the Google PC rumors, "Let Google make the network computer now". Network computer, a vision that Sun and Oracle team up together, with Java and Internet technology to build an Internet thin PC client.

Now the rumors are almost to be true, but Google still not making any PC hardware but focus on the light weight Chrome OS. The CNet reported that Google shows new features on Chrome browser and Chrome OS may be ready at mid-next year.

Chrome OS which is a Linux-base operating system, but different from the Google Android (which is another Linux-base operating system too). Chrome OS is a light weight OS, which will be centralize on Chrome browser, using the browser connected to Internet cloud services.

You can take a quick tour of Chrome OS by PC Magazine. The Chrome browser will be integrated nicely into Chome OS, the browser will be the only application available and it runs fast on the OS. All application like email, messenger, office application, photo editing and management will be available as a web service.

I just name a few here, Google has build Gmail (email), Google Talk (messenger), Google Docs (office application), Picasaweb (photo management), Picnik (photo editing) as an replacement of the daily application that most users are using on the desktop.

Is too early to comment much about Chrome OS now. With Google services, Chrome OS and Chrome browser, Google make the network computer vision that Larry Ellison brought out 15 years ago becomes true.

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