Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Cloudscape inspiration

cloudscapeI dig out some the old program, and found out this old cloudscape program version 3.5.1. Is very old, few years back.

What is cloudscape? Cloudscape is an embedded database purely written in java. What! Purely written in java? Yes, and is open souce. I don't really believe in java application few years back, until I saw tomcat (jsp container), and then later this cloudscape.

Cloudscape originally started by Cloudscape Inc, founded in 1996 by Nat Wyatt and Howard Torf, they were 2 engineer with Sybase Inc. In 1999 Informix acquire cloudscape for about 86 million. In year 2001, big blue acquire informix with 1 billion CASH (see here)! Cloudscape has goes into IBM's product, since cloudscape is a low end database, IBM doesn't make much money out of it, it release it out to apache software foundation as Apache Derby now.

Cloudscape inspire me in many ways, I can't imagine and can not believe a database can be written in java. I am not sure is hypersonic database inspire by cloudscape too.

Cloudscape is a good tools for java base web development tools, because it is light-weight, easy to use, and work well with java, it came with jdbc connection.

Some time we need to think a bit different, out of the box, they we are more creative.

story on cloudscape startup.

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