Sunday, August 14, 2005

pkg-get and gtk2 compiling experience on solaris

solarisI have spend some time on compiling gtk2 on solaris 2.6, to test my pkg-get system, make sure it will grep all the dependencies package which is missing from the system automatically. Gtk2 depend on many other package, glib2, atk, pango, xft2, xrender, render, fontconfig, libjpeg, libpng, libtiff... may be I still miss out some more. I spend quite some time on compiling it, until I almost lost all my energy. :) You must use xrender 0.8 and not 0.9 (from, other should work fine. After spending so much time, find it useless, because I don't have a complete set of solaris package, and my package method is a little bit different from sunfreeware or I like to package library into he runtime and development package. eg. png and png-dev, and I will put the 2 package into 1 file like png-1.2.5-sol26-sparc.pkg.bz2 There is still some bugs for my borne version of pkg-get, it can recursively get all the package and get it install, but it will depends on the way you do the solaris packaging as well. If you want the full working version of pkg-get, you should get it from

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