Friday, August 05, 2005

meetup august 2005

I didn't attend the monthly meetup on August yesterday, so I ask Jason to organize the August meetup if possible. This morning I received an email from Jason to inform me that we (is redhat meetup? or myoss meetup?) have a new organiser--Aizat. I am a bit shock with surprise, because Jason didn't inform me earlier.
I know Aizat, he has been joining the meetup group for quite some time, he is friendly and with passion, we both like Mac OS X and using it as well, so we both share some interest other than open source.
I have been joining the meetup group since April 2004, on and off. May be this is a good time for me to move on, spending more time on software development, like working on my pkg-get.
I heard from Jason, the group have decided to move to Malaysia Kini building for the next meetup.

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