Friday, August 05, 2005

pkg-get version 0.0.1a

solarisI make some changes to the pkg-get yesterday. Now it is able to extract the dependency package from the install software and download the missing package automatically. I try to install mpg321 $ pkg-get install mpg321 The system will find out the 2 missing package (libmad and libid3tag), download and install automatically, without install manually 1 by 1. The next thing TODO is solve redundant depenency package, and recursive depenceny, but I doubt I have much time for it. I package all the 3 software (mpg321, libmad, libid3tag) on solaris. I should have show how it can be done, if I have the time to document it. I can play the 'Dae Jang Gum' korean TV series theme song on the sun ultrasparc machine(solaris 2.6). u na la u na a ju o na ka da la ka da la a ju ga na na na ni da lyeo do mok no na ni a ni li a ni li a ni no ne ... Feel so satisfied with it. Oh! Now I remember I miss out the libao dependency! Anyone want the binary of the software, just let me know, I will send you a copy, is all free and opensource.

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