Tuesday, August 16, 2005

using cloudscape

cloudscapeI just try the cloudscape 3.5 today, is easy to get it working. I downloaded it many years ago from cloudscape.com.

My cloudscape 3.5 came as a java class file, about 10MB file, the class file itself is an installer

$ java cloudscape351

The install in /usr/local/cloudscape. I install everything is about 23M.

$ export CLOUDSCAPE_INSTALL=/usr/local/cloudscape
$ export CLASSPATH=$CLOUDSCAPE_INSTALL/lib/cloudscape.jar;
$CLOUDSCAPE_INSTALL/lib/client.jar; $CLOUDSCAPE_INSTALL/lib/tools.jar;
To test the class path is install properly:

$ java COM.cloudscape.tools.sysinfo
Cloudscape Information

If you don't see the above information, means the class path was not setup properly.

Using the cloudscape client, cloudview


$ java COM.cloudscape.tools.cview

You can use the client to create table, store data, query SQL statement etc. You can try it yourself.

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