Monday, August 15, 2005

remote esound

linuxEsound is the enlightened sound daemon, it has been using in Gnome window desktop, easy to use, I have tried install it on a Solaris machine and it works. Today I just try its remote audio function.

What I am going to do is to run the sound client on Solaris machine and output to window machine, and it works.

1. download the cygwin esound binary from or its mirror
- it need a few extra library to run, just download it from the website as well
- I have some problem with the cygwin1.dll working together with the esound binary. I try to download the cygwin1.dll file from different url, finally get 1 which is working.

2. start up the daemon on windows system
> esd -tcp -public -port 16001

3. use sound client at solaris
$ export ESPEAKER=<windows's ip>:16001
$ esdplay chimes.wav

Da! Da! It works!

4. since esdplay only output wav file, I try mpg123 and mpg321
$ mpg321 -o esd sample.mp3

but no luck, is not working.

5. I try on xmms, the remote esound is working!

The esd is just a few hundred k in size, so is good for remote thin client.

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