Wednesday, November 04, 2009

DiGi broadband vs DiGi 3G

DiGi broadband and 3G are 2 different services, most people are confused. This is the information that I have collected these 2 days, hopefully can help you to have a better understand the 2 different services.
DiGi has no 3G services, the DiGi 3G is just a marketing term. The DiGi 3G is a 3.5G (HSPA, High Speed Packet Access or some name it HSDPA, D means download), which is faster, an improvement to the 3G services. In general you can call 3.5G and 3G as 3G services, but DiGi 3.5G services only provide data access. You can not have conference call with DiGi 3G (3.5G) services. If you have a phone which only support 3G, it will not work with DiGi network.
To help the consumer have a better understanding on DiGi broadband and 3G, DiGi people will tell you that broadband is for your desktop access to the Internet, 3G is for your phone to access to the Internet. If you just normal people and doesn't want to know more, you should stop here.
Further question, can I use my desktop or notebook connect to the DiGi 3G services? The answer is yes. You can place your SIM card (with 3G service activated) in to GSM modem which support 3.G (eg. Huawei 160e), or you can use your mobile phone as a dial-up modem for your notebook, it works. The only thing missing is you will not be able to receive phone call while accessing the 3G services with your notebook.
How about the other way? Will it works if I place the broadband SIM card into the phone? According to the DiGi representative, it works as long as your phone support 3.5G services, but you can not make calls with it. Since I do not have a mobile phone which support 3.5G, I have not tested with it.
If you access to DiGi broadband web page, you will notice there are 2 data services call broadband and 3G, hope my explanation can help you to make your choice.


Kar Siong said...

u wrote " If you have a phone which only support 3G, it will not work with DiGi network."

don simple "hentam" laahhh...

infact u can use 3G phone to connect to net with Digi 3G service. where by the speed is only up to 3G Speed aka 368kbps

of coz better for user to use 3.5 G phone lahhh coz will be able to get 3.5G uo till 3600 kbps ... or some phone even support up till 7200 kbps ...

this all also depend on yr subscibetion plan ...

fuyichin said...

Kar Siong,

Thank you for pointing it out.

I heard from the DiGi dealer telling me that DiGi 3G network only support data service only.

I write this, " If you have a phone which only support 3G, it will not work with DiGi network."

Actually I mean the DiGi 3G doesn't have voice support but data service only.

I will double check with the DiGi support center.

Live's said...


noob kid here..hehe..both of you please help me, here i have digi broadband simcard(10Gb plan), and nokia 5610xm(i think have 3G only) . can i connect to net using the broadbandsimcard using my phone? i mean browsing using the phone only. kar siong post say can..but how? i've tried using the setting from digi (*128#) but i didnt works. whenever i try to connect it will say "subscribe to packet data first". what the hell is that?

fuyichin said...

Do you know how to set the APN on the phone?

You can try Menu, Settings, Configuration, Preferred access point

Choose DiGi Internet if you have.

If there is no such selection, change the APN by editing the connection profile (eg. DiGi Internet) or create from Personal configuration settings

APN (broadband): diginet
APN (3G): 3gdgnet

No username or password required.

I am not sure this setting will work for you, please try and let me know.

Live's said...

Thanks fuyichin, it works. I delete and disable all setting in my phone including in the web setting. Then I create new personal configuration. APN = 3gdgnet, and the rest I leave blank. Connect and eureka! it works!

fuyichin said...