Thursday, November 12, 2009

The discounted cabin service of AirAsia budget flight

"now everyone can fly", is true.

No doubt, AirAsia is popular and with a branded name, for its low air fare to fly. When you are thinking of Air Flight, most people will think of AirAsia, first is to check their air fare. For those who don't fly, you can fly now. For those who fly, they fly more often with AsiaAsia. I find it almost unbelievable, travel by Air may be cheaper than travel by bus.

Recently I have the pleasure to fly with AirAsia, I am a little bit disappointed with their cabin services. Those who have fly with AirAsia recently, should agree with me. The first experience is, the flight attendance are so careless that she split the left over milo drink on my friend clothes, she did apologized but my friend complain to me that she didn't help him to clean up the mess.

The second experience is I am travelling with another 2 friends and AsiaAsia. We have pre-ordered the food, but the food was not delivered earlier as usual, but they start selling food to the others in the cabin. Since the food is not ready for us yet, my hungry and thirsty friend requested (to buy) a drink, but the air hostess told him politely that he can't because food trolley cart has just pass by (a few steps) and we have to wait till they came back. I have written this down in the feed back form, but so far there is no reply or response from AirAsia.

I ask my friends who travel more often with AirAsia, is the cabin service that poor? They answer, yes, as usual. My experience told me that the air hostess service is the best service I can found, it is as good as those high class restaurant, but the new experience on AirAsia cabin change my mind, the service was discounted together with the ticket price.

This is about working attitude. In service sector, like hotel, restaurant or bank, provide a good service is the basic thing. Is not how much the customer pay for it, as long as you getting paid by the company, you are responsible to do a good job. Even is a free service, you should do it well. Never heard of such thing happen?

The free and open source Firefox browser, is much better than many commercialize browser.

Hopefully AirAsia will improved and do not set a bad example for the other service sector.

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