Friday, November 20, 2009

Rely on contract is old business style

I want to terminate my P1 Internet service before my one year contract end, because I experience line drop problem and unable to connect Internet with the P1 service. One of the supervisor at P1 HQ refuse to help me, and gave me only 2 choices, which make me feel like being threated. Is either I pay $299 (I suppose is the modem price), or wait till they check my network problem. (story here)

Contract is to protect the consumer or the service provider? The business style to use contract to tie up customer is so old fashion.

P1, Maxis broadband has contract, so I choose DiGi broadband.

I choose DiGi broadband because their package is flexible. For my DiGi broadband package, if I terminate the service before the one year contract, I just need to pay for the modem (which came with the package) in prorated, and not the full amount or all the subscription fees for the rest of the months till contract expired.

You must think that without a contract, is not able to tie up customer for a period of time, is true. Recently I am thinking to terminate the DiGi broadband and subscribe to another package, but not P1 or Maxis. I am thinking to subscribe to another DiGi broadband package, which is cheaper.

Sometimes contract do not attract customer, but keep customer away. Provide a better service should be the more appropriate way to keep the customer.

If the provider can provide me a good service, why I bother to change?

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