Thursday, November 19, 2009

iPod beginner buying guide 2009 Q4

Recently there are some people asking me, is it worth buying the new iPod nano (with FM and Video recording)? Which iPod should I buy? First, you always ask yourself what do you need? What is your budget?

There are 4 type of iPod model, iPod classic, touch, nano and shuffle.

iPod classic. Hard disk base, big and looks bulky, store up to 40 thousand songs. You can sync almost every mp3 you have into this iPod. Most people will not carry such a large music library with them.

iPod nano. Apple just launch its 5th generation of iPod nano. This is the most common model which comparable to other mp3 players available on the market.

The iPod nano size is like a chocolate bar, easy to carry around, the price tag is higher than average. This new iPod nano came with FM tuner (first in iPod history), video recording and pedometer. iPod nano is capable to playback movie as well, but I find it a little too small for movie and photo display.

iPod shuffle has been criticized badly by their competitors when it was launched, because it doesn't have a display (and FM). The cheapest China made mp3 player came with a display. Shuffle is very small and is good for workout.

Sometimes you will find that it was given as a free gift when you purchase your LCD TV or blu-ray player.

iPod touch. If you just using iPod for mp3, iPod shuffle and iPod nano is good enough, if you need a portable media player (for watching movie and photos), you need an iPod touch.

The iPod Touch is like the iPhone without the phone function. The iPod touch has an (updated) 8G model, and the new 32G and 64G model. There is no 16G available, the new 32G is cheaper than the previous 16G version, and the new 32G came with earphones with remote mic which cost about RM129.

The new iPod touch (32G and 64G version) is worth buying, and yes, it is very expensive, you can buy a netbook with this price, but there is no other products come close to iPod touch (except iPhone). Or may be you can wait for another 12 months to the next Apple music event to get a better offer.

iPod came with different model and different price. My opinion all iPod are price above average. It depends on your budget and your need.

Personally I prefer iPod Touch, but for iPod beginners may start from nano or shuffle. Or you can try to ask an iPod shuffle (or nano) as a free gift when you buy your new LCD TV.

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