Monday, November 02, 2009

P1 Sudah Potong advertisement

"你割左沒 ?" (Cantonese)
"Sudah poting?" (Bahasa Malaysia)
"Cut already (you Internet line)?"

I just go to P1 HQ to complain about the Internet connection again.

P1 Already cut ads
P1 lastest ads posted at the HQ building

The latest P1 advertisement campaign has been running for about a month time, it should come to an end. I didn't notice it at the beginning, I first know it from my friend. The advertisement is everywhere, on TV, radio, full page coverage on newspaper, hard to ignored it.

Their slogan is, "Sudah potong?" (Cut already?). It refers to cut the fix Internet (Streamyx) line, and switch to wireless P1. The slogan may refer to circumcision as well. The ads are impressive, it capture public attention, but I think the the ads are rude, low class and inappropriate. You can talk about it with your MSN friends, put it on your non-official blog, but put up such ads to the public is not necessary.

I go to the P1 HQ not to complain about the advertisement, but the Internet connection (again!). I am having a connection problem for more than 2 weeks time. P1 representative told me that they are upgrading the network at my area, that causes slow network connection. The problem is not just slow, I can't even connect to the Internet at all, for almost 2 weeks time.

P1 should save some of their marketing budget and assign it to their technical department to improve their services. If P1 provide good services, fast Internet connection, I can advertise for P1 free of charge here.

If the problem continue, I have to "Cut now", not the wire line, but the wireless WiMax line. P1 agree to send technician to look at the network problem in a few days time. More stories after three days later.

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